Benefits & Negatives of Using Raw Authentic African Black Soap



What is Authentic African Black Soap?

Authentic African Black Soap traditionally came from West Africa, it's made from plantain skin and leaves, cocoa pods, and shea tree bark. This means it has no harmful chemicals because its naturally made from plants. So if you are on the hunt to a more natural soap for your skin and body this soap is perfect for you. 

The story behind how Authentic African Black Soap is made always amazes me, the plantains are dried underneath the sun, the leaves of the cocoa pods are then roasted in a clay oven to produce ash. Once all the ingredients are added to start boiling, it is hand stirred by women for 24 hours. The soap then rises to the top of the mixture and then it is scooped off and left to be cured for 2 weeks. 

To identify Authentic African Black Soap it's important know it is never charcoal black. Authentic African Black Soap comes in different shades of brown, from dark to light. 


Authentic African Black Soap is perfect to treat any one with psoriasis, eczema, acne, rough skin, blemishes and more. You can use the soap at least twice per day everyday to improve the appearance of your skin. It can also be used as a shampoo to deep clean your hair and scalp, by removing a small piece and dissolving into warm water.

Negatives of African Black Soap

African Black Soap will try out your skin but I believe this is how it starts to remove your acne etc. After using, it is important to moisturize your skin using a gentle moisturizer. The PH of African Black Soap is extremely high, so if used on the body to improve your skin ensure it never touches your private areas. This will throw off your PH Balance and cause discomfort.

When washing your hair, because the PH is so high, this can leave your scalp to be itchy. After washing your hair ensure you reset your scalp's PH Balance using apple cider vinegar diluted with water to rinse your hair.

Lastly when applied to your face or skin NEVER leave on for more that 2 mins because it will start to feel like its burning. I would recommend this soap to only be used on the face, because from experience it has caused chaos in areas of my body that I cannot speak of LOL. But it works wonders for my skin so I am sure it will do the same for you. 

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