Do we ship to other countries other than the U.S? Yes international shipping is now available.

Do we offer refunds? All sales are final. All products are handmade with high quality ingredients so we are not able to offer refunds.

What hair types can use our products? Our deep conditioner, shampoo & leave in conditioner would be perfect for hair types 2, because they have less oils. ALL our products would perfect for hair types 3&4. The ingredients would also be based on your preference. 

What hair porosity can use the products? All hair porosity can use our products. It is also based on your preferred ingredients and texture of a product. This may determine if your hair would like it or not.

How long is shipping? Processing times from our end are normally FAST. But in the event it’s not, processing times MAY take 3-5 business days. Shipping time is based on which option you choose to ship your products. Delays may occur with the postal service at times.

Can the products only work on natural hair? Our products can definitely work on relaxed hair. 

Would June Rose Kurls be responsible for international custom fees? No, you our valuable customer Would be responsible for any custom fees to clear your package.