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  • Twistout Using Honey Green Tea Moisturizer

    You can achieve beautiful twistouts, braidouts and more using the Honey Green Tea Moisturizer. NO crunchy hair, no single strand knots and split ends. Just pure moisture and definition that lasts for days.

    Twistout- Honey Green Tea Moisturizer 
  • Braid & Curl by @kemkemcurls

    Kemba curls are absolutely beautiful. This is a braid and curl, half braided then rodsets applied on the other half of hair. This style was achieved using the Honey Green Tea Moisturizer and Styler.

    Braid & Curl- HGTM 
  • Twistout on Tapered Cut!

    We love a twistout on a tapered cut! So cute! Twistout using the Honey Green Tea Moisturizer and the Soften Your Tangles Leave-in Conditioner.

    Honey Green Tea Moisturizer 
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Moisturize & Retain Hair Length Collection

Each ingredient chosen is of the highest quality to retain healthy hair length. We ensure each product is made with MORE butters and oils, than the ingredients thats just there, to hold the product together. This means you are receiving a tremendous amount of nutrients from each butters, oils and herbs. Using our products that are heavily made with natural butters, natural oils and natural herbs can help your hair grow easily. Our products can aide in preventing hair breakage, reduce single strand knots, split ends and most importantly, helps you retain healthy hair length.

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