About Us

Founder "Mitchka Leon"



The name "June Rose Kurls" was created in memory of "Karlene Rose Leon aka June" our founder's beloved mother. The idea of June Rose Kurls was thought of in 2017 by Mitchka Leon our Founder. After transitioning from her relaxed hair in 2016 and seeing her natural hair grow after being relaxed for 22 years she fell in love with her natural hair. The love she acquired placed her on an exciting journey in researching the best practices and products she needed to obtain, maintain and retain healthy natural hair.  

Extensive research was done to find the perfect products for her natural hair. This research led to her finding few products that were right for her hair. This disappointment of course led to her journey of creating products that her hair would love by choosing the best natural and organic ingredients. Mitchka Leon believes that the best products come directly from nature. Having proven this fact throughout her journey of being natural for now over 3 years and seeing tremendous results in her techniques she decided to create nature derived products using minimal to no chemical ingredients. 

Our products will have your hair feeling softer, they will allow you to fall in love with your hair every time you look at it. Having healthy hair comes first in starting your hair growth journey. Using products with the right ingredients, like ours will have your wash day feeling stress free. You will no longer be annoyed by struggling with hair growth, pesky single strand knots, split ends & breakage. Your journey of having continuous healthy growing hair begins right here with us.

Psalm 91:4 "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler."