Here's How To Grow Over 17 Inches of Hair Like I Did!

Growing you natural hair can be pretty difficult if you do not understand what your hair needs in order to flourish and grow easily. This is where MOISTURE comes in! You need the right amount of moisture to grow your hair easily.

Why do you need moisture?

Everyone's favorite benefit of moisture is finally being able to retain hair length. I know its a struggle when it comes to growing our hair. But once we have knocked off being knowledgeable on the right products and techniques to retain moisture longer in our hair, this will help us to start growing and retaining our hair length.

Moisturizing our hair often will also prevent breakage, this one is super scary, because having breakage means taking a step back from our hair growth. You won't be able to retain length when you have breakage that goes untreated, especially when you are unaware that a lack of moisture is the problem.

More moisture also means less single strand knots and reduced split ends. Remember holding on to split ends and single strand knots will only make things worst. They need to be trimmed but to reduce them, moisture based products are the way to go, like my moisture based products from June Rose Kurls.

You need to create a Moisturizing Routine to grow your hair and retain healthy hair length! Using moisture helps to avoid breakage, single strand knots & split ends!

Here's all the products you will need to create a MOISTURIZING HAIR GROWTH REGIMEN!:


  • Green Tea & Calendula "Moisturizing" Shampoo: This Moisturizing Shampoos will help to keep your hair moisturized and not stripped. A lot of shampoos tend to weaken your hair strands causing thinning and breakage. This moisturizing shampoo leaves your hair soft, allows your hair to grow easily. 


  • Next after cleansing and treating your hair use this moisturizing technique to keep your hair moisturized for the week! If you need to moisturize more than once per week please do that, but make sure not to over do it! Use the LAYERING METHOD to keep your hair moisturized. You need to use these products to keep your hair from being dry, having breakage, single strand knots and split ends! Avoiding these will help to GROW & RETAIN HEALTHY HAIR LENGTH!
Layering method for dry natural hair
  • Step 1- Soften Your Tangles Leave-In Conditioner made with fenugreek herb. This is a water based product made with raw butters, natural oils and natural herbs. Fenugreek Herb helps to strengthen your hair strands and also aids in adding extra moisture to your hair strands. Apply this product with warm water so your hair cuticles will be able to absorb the product easier. Warm water will be your best friend on this hair growth journey!

  • Step 2- Water Based Moisturizer The Honey Green Tea Moisturizer made with Natural Herbs  like Green Tea & Burdock Root to stimulate hair growth, reduce excessive hair shedding. It's also made with an overload of natural oils, raw butters, raw Honey to keep your hair moisturized. Remember more moisture helps to grow your hair and retain hair length.


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