How To Grow Your Natural Hair Edges



After pregnancy I experience postpartum shedding and lost all my edges. I was very scared because I was not sure if they would ever be able to grow back. But I decided to implement a few healthy hair tips to help grow back my edges. You can also use these tips to encourage healthy growing hair as well. 

I got rid of all products that were drying out my hair. The more dry your hair is the weaker your hair strands become. I took a long break from using gels, mousse, drying shampoos, any product that would dry my hair out. I replaced those products with more moisturizing ones and ensured the ingredients were water, natural oils, natural butters and a lot of natural herbs. Herbs are perfect in reducing hair fall and strengthening your hair strands to promote faster hair growth. One popular herb is green tea, its great in reducing excessive hair shedding and hair fall. If you are going through the same issue you could try using these products infused with green tea and natural herbs to stimulate hair growth from June Rose Kurls. (click here)

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When you are trying to regrow your edges it's very important to choose your hairstyles very carefully. Avoid hairstyles that are prone to pull your hair strands too harshly from the roots. Take a break from high puffs, or sleeking your edges, give your hair and your edges a break. Avoid tight hairstyles and allow your hair to rest, breathe and grow easily.

I created a hair growth regimen that included only high moisturizing products. I switched to the:

Green Tea & Calendula Moisturizing Shampoo 

Honey Green Tea Moisturizing Deep Conditioner,

Honey Green Tea  Light Protein Deep Conditioner

a water based moisturizer "Honey Green Tea Moisturizer 

a water based leave-in conditioner Soften Your Tangles Leave-In Conditioner Made with Fenugreek Herb


I also incorporated hot oil treatments that are perfect in reducing single strand knots, spilt ends, dry hair and helps to increase blood flow to the scalp. The Herbs Infusion Hair Growth Oil

I used for my hot oil treatments have helped me tremendously. I used this every week and the health of my hair started improving in just a few short weeks. Not everyone is lucky to re-grow their hair or edges, it can take them years or it can just never return at all. It's important to act fast and create a hair growth regimen that will start growing your hair fast. Want a free hair growth regimen to grow healthy hair and retain healthy hair? Click here to grab that free E-BOOK.

So I used moisture to grow back my edges, a lot of persons underestimate the power of good moisturizing products infused in herbs. But once you take the time to incorporate these products with the right techniques your hair will start growing like wild flower.  

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Click here to read more on using moisture to grow over 17 inches of healthy hair 

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