How To Detangle Natural Hair Without Causing Breakage

What does detangling natural hair mean?

Detangling natural hair means loosening matted hair that makes styling easier. Keeping natural hair in its matted state can cause severe breakage. It's very important to avoid breakage at all times, because this will slow your hair growth or cause you never to retain hair length.

Best Ways to Detangle Natural Hair

The absolute best way to detangle natural hair would be, when the hair is wet or damp. This allows your detangling process to be easy breezy. Adding a product that has tons of moisture and slip, will make the detangling process even easier. This is where our Honey Green Tea Deep Conditioner comes in. You need to include moisture or slip because this enables your comb to glide through your hair with ease. All your knots will be loosen by the moisture.

Worst Way to Detangle Natural Hair

Detangling natural hair when it is extremely dry with no product will literally cause a headache. Pulling that comb through your hair with no moisture will cause your hair to be ripped out, causing you to lose healthy hair and causing breakage. Losing unnecessary hair leads to you never being able to retain any hair length.

Best Tools To Detangle Natural Hair

To make your detangling process easier, choose combs or special brush designed for detangling. Choose wide tooth combs, always try to test out the tools on small parts of your hair to see if it will cause damage or it can help you. Use products that have a good amount of slip to detangle your hair like our Honey Green Tea Deep Conditioner .

Worst Tools to Detangle Natural Hair

Hair tools that rip out your healthy hair and cause unwanted breakage are the ones you need to avoid. Try to avoid tail combs, or fine tooth combs, the tooth of these combs are too fine to detangle our matted hair. Also try to avoid certain types of brushes, test out each tool on small sections of hair before investing in it.

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