How To Fix Dry Scalp & Dry Scalp Treatment

                             dry scalp, dry scalp treatment

Having dry scalp can be a bit embarrassing and of course annoying but with these tips we can help you to reduce them or get rid of them entirely. Dry scalp is caused by your skin having too little moisture but may flare up by the harsh products you use, dry air and cold air. 

How To Fix Dry Scalp & Dry Scalp Treatments

Dry scalp can be fixed by checking the ingredients that are in the products you use in your hair. Using ingredients that have harsh alcohols can cause the dead skin cells to flare up, from your scalp being too irritated. Making the switch and using products that are moisturizing can be really nourishing to your scalp. Using moisturizing shampoos that have gentle, soothing ingredients can help your scalp to be less irritated. Our Green Tea and Calendula Herb Moisturizing Shampoo has surfactants that are gentle and would not irritate your scalp. 

It is very important to nourish your scalp not only your hair. Use our Honey Green Tea Deep Conditioners have moisturizing capabilities and ingredients like honey, oils, butters and neem herb can assist in healing your broken scalp. Taking care of your scalp making it healthy can increase your hair growth and who doesn't love healthy growing hair. Our Deep Conditioners can be placed on the scalp to provide healing properties.

dry scalp, dry scalp treatment

Another great way to reduce dry scalp is to incorporate more hot oil treatments. Let me tell you these work wonders in treating your scalp, they lift the dead skin cells and make shampooing way easier. Have you ever washed your hair and realized there were flakes still on your scalp? Well a great way to prevent this is by doing hot oil treatments and not only placing the oil on your hair but your scalp as well. You can also do this with our Honey Green Tea Deep Conditioners, as they soften the flakes and help them to be removed easily and better. Our Herb Infused 5 Oil Fusion Hair Growth Oil can also be placed on your scalp to assist in preventing dry scalp. The ingredients chosen are just right in nourishing your scalp, like calendula herb, neem herb and grapeseed oil. Some hair oils only makes things worst when applied to the scalp but I am positive you might love this one.

Lastly your dry scalp might be scalp psoriasis or scalp  eczema. Which is why our products were handcrafted for persons with sensitive scalp. Taking control of this skin issue is vital in healing your skin. It starts from the food you eat and the products you use in your hair.  


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