How to Grow Your Hair Back!

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Growing you natural hair can be pretty difficult if you do not understand what your hair needs in order to flourish and grow easily. This is where MOISTURE comes in! You need the right amount of moisture to grow your hair easily.

When you are trying to regrow your hair it's very important to choose your hairstyles very carefully. Avoid hairstyles that are prone to pull your hair strands too harshly from the roots. Take a break from high puffs, or sleeking your edges, give your hair and your edges a break. Avoid tight hairstyles and allow your hair to rest, breathe and grow easily.

I created a hair growth regimen that included only high moisturizing products. I switched to the:

 The Herbs Infusion Hair Growth Oil Hot Oil Treatment. Incorporated hot oil treatments that are perfect in reducing single strand knots, spilt ends, dry hair and helps to increase blood flow to the scalp. Do this treatment before or after you shampoo, place on damp hair and cover with a plastic cap to trap heat. You can also use a over head dryer or blow dryer to apply more heat and activate the treatment.

Green Tea & Calendula Moisturizing Shampoo switching to a moisturizing shampoo can help you to nurture your hair strands. Moisturizing shampoos like this one are more gentle and prevents your strands from being weak. The stronger your hair strands are, you will be able to retain more hair length. 


Honey Green Tea Light Protein Deep Conditioner

Honey Green Tea Moisturizing Deep Conditioner, Deep Conditioner allows your hair to be treated on a deeper level. Now this moisture treatment is a must! This should not be skipped at all. You need to be able to treat your natural hair weekly or bi-weekly to repair and PREVENT your hair from being damaged. This treatment will allow your hair to start growing because it will make your hair healthy and the healthier your natural hair is, will be the easier it will grow. Apply this treatment on clean hair after shampooing, apply in small sections and detangle so it reaches the roots of your hair and the ends, apply a plastic cap and trap heat for 20-40mins rinse with warm water.


Layering method for dry natural hair
  • Step 1- Soften Your Tangles Leave-In Conditioner made with fenugreek herb. This is a water based product made with raw butters, natural oils and natural herbs. Fenugreek Herb helps to strengthen your hair strands and also aids in adding extra moisture to your hair strands. Apply this product with warm water so your hair cuticles will be able to absorb the product easier. Warm water will be your best friend on this hair growth journey!

  • Step 2- Water Based Moisturizer The Honey Green Tea Moisturizer made with Natural Herbs  like Green Tea & Burdock Root to stimulate hair growth, reduce excessive hair shedding. It's also made with an overload of natural oils, raw butters, raw Honey to keep your hair moisturized. Remember more moisture helps to grow your hair and retain hair length.




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