How to Make An Emulsified Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

What are Emulsified Sugar Scrub?

Emulsified sugar scrubs are used to exfoliate the body. It is used to remove dead skin cells, unclog your pores to help prevent bacteria, sweat, and dirt from causing body acne. Emulsified Sugar Scrubs contain emulsifiers so when water is introduce to the scrub it creates a creamy consistency that feels a lot like lotion. This texture helps to allow the sugar to glide gently on your skin to prevent irritation.


Hibiscus Exfoliating Body Scrub Recipe Equals 100% Yields 8oz

Phase A

Sweet Almond Oil 19%     1.52 oz (light oil)

Emulsify Wax       3%       0.24 oz (binds ingredients together, when water is introduce it gives a creamy consistency)

Stearic Acid           1%     0.08 oz (hardens, thickens & provides stabilization)

Shea Butter           13.25%    1.06 oz (Adds a silky feeling to prevent irritation)

Hibiscus Powder     0.625%     0.05 oz

Cool Down Phase 

Germall Plus Preservative   1%  0.08 oz (once water or wet hands is introduced in the formula it is needed to prevent the growth of bacteria)

Organic Cane Sugar      61.5%      4.92  oz

Fragrance/Essential Oil  0.625%   0.05 oz



1. Begin by weighing out all your ingredients in separate containers to prevent confusion.

2. Combine Phase A in a Heat resistant container, use the double boiler method to safely melt all the ingredients while stirring. 

3. Create an ice bath to cool ingredients while stirring so the mixture becomes a slurry or apple sauce looking consistency. You can follow up by using an immersion mixer if you have one to quickly whip the mixture so it becomes thicker. 

4. Once the mixture has been thoroughly whipped and cooled its now time to add Phase B into Phase A. Add your preservative and fragrance or essential oil first, so it will be thoroughly combined before adding sugar.

5. Slowly add your sugar in between whipping, so the mixture becomes creamy and evenly combined. 

6. After whipping allow the mixture to set and harden or until mixture is not runny. 

7. You have now successfully created a whipped emulsified body scrub. Leave a comment on questions and if you have tried it let us know below.

You can also watch the Exfoliating Sugar Scrub video on Youtube here

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Hi, Janelle! I really apologize for the late reply. I didn’t receive a notification when your question was asked. I am working on another recipe that’s looser than the current one. The texture is normally that way to ensure the product doesn’t seep through during shipment. Also once water is added when showering that’s when emulsification takes place. When you rub the mixture together with water. Anyways you could reduce the emulsifier to the lowest usage rate allowed or reduce the sugar. I will be trying both and give you an update.
June Rose Kurls

June Rose Kurls-Mitchka

I absolutely love your recipe!!! my recipe is actually quite similar but I do have a question, once it sits for a couple hours or 24 hours it’s hardens a lot and when you put your hand in it to scoop some, it’s very gritty opposed to how it was when I first piped it into the jar (extremely creamy).. any advice on that


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