Tips for Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis is a skin disorders that causes your skin to look reddish and scaly. At times it may only be on one section of your scalp but then spreads to multiple areas, like behind your ears or neck. 

Tips you can use that helped me

  1. The best tip I can give you, is never go more than a week without washing your hair, unless you have gotten your flareups under control. Because the more thick buildup you get from your scalp psoriasis or even scalp eczema, is the worst it will get. Now I say this because you are bound to have a hard time removing that build up when it is time to wash your hair. If you do not wash your hair properly your scalp psoriasis will always be there and will get worst, as its new build of bacteria on top of old build up. Use the Green Tea & Calendula Moisturizing Shampoo that has no harsh chemicals to wash your hair and scalp. If you use dangerous chemicals in your hair that will cause scalp flare ups. 
  2. Stop all together using products that have too many ingredients! Not all ingredients work well together and because of the product having too many ingredients, it will be hard to tell which ingredient is the problem. Products that have an over abundance of BAD CHEMICALS stay far away from them. They will cause your scalp psoriasis to flare up even more or even if you don't have scalp psoriasis they slow your hair growth. You want to use our products, June Rose Kurls, because the ingredients are extremely clean. They are full of NATURAL HERBS that can heal your scalp. You get MORE organic raw butters and oils rather than the ingredients that are simple there to hold the products together. We use raw oils and butters, natural herbs and also naturally derived ingredients from plants.  
  3. Lastly, healing scalp psoriasis needs to also be done internally. That means you need to practice healing your gut or proper diet for a healthy gut. That means you need to reduce your daily sugar intake, as sugar is a big culprit in flaring up our scalp psoriasis or even scalp eczema. Sugar can be found in so many foods, it doesn't matter if it's a fake sugar substitute like "stevia sugar" it's still bad. Learn to read ingredients in your hair products and FOOD. Sugar is also found in alcohol, carbs, such as bread, snacks, cookies, sodas etc. I started to read ingredients, if a food had a crazy amount of ingredients I would avoid it and choose something more natural. If I was purchasing say Almond Milk there should only be 2 ingredients, the almond and the water nothing else, no sugar, no gums. I had to shift my mindset of how I ate and how I was buying food. You also need to read your ingredients when looking for sugar, make sure the product has "no added sugar". Absolutely no dairy! that is another culprit of causing our scalp psoriasis or eczema to flare up.

 Stay tuned for tips on how to wash your hair with scalp psoriasis or scalp eczema. Click here to shop products to help you today!



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When psoriasis. In the scalp is crazy. Are there a needle injection to help. Calm down the pain and scaling in scalp???


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