Tips to Moisturize Low Porosity Natural Hair

The porosity of your natural hair determines how well your hair is able to absorb and retain moisture. There are three different types of natural hair porosity, low porosity, medium porosity and high porosity. The porosity of your hair can affect how well it is able to take in oils and moisture in and out of the cuticle layer. Determining your natural hair porosity can help you understand how to moisturize your natural hair so you can retain hair length.

Tips to Moisturize Low Porosity Natural Hair

First things first start off by incorporating water based natural hair products into you hair regimen. These products should have water listed as the first ingredient, followed by pure natural butters and oils. You can grab a few of those products here by clicking this link.

Water is the ultimate ingredient combined with pure natural oils and butters that can help your hair hold moisture and retain healthy hair length. If you have dry hair you can try the layering method of moisturizing otherwise known as the LCO/LOC Method. This is applying multiple products onto your hair to provide longer hold of moisture.

Very important, before moisturizing start off by applying warm water on the section of hair you will be moisturizing first. Warm water allows your hair to absorb moisture from each product easier and it also helps your hair detangle and feel softer. 

After applying warm water, apply a water based leave in conditioner like the Soften Your Tangles Leave In Conditioner by June Rose Kurls. It's important to remember water will be your best friend when trying moisturize your low porosity natural hair, to have healthier, easier growing hair.

Follow up with a water based moisturizer like the Honey Green Tea Moisturizer with is richly made with pure butters, water and oils to infuse moisture into your hair strands. 

Lastly you could stop there, but if you really want that moisture to be retained for days, especially if you are a lazy natural like I am. Seal all the moisture in with an oil or the Herbs Infused Hair Growth Butter. This layering method will allow your hair to rest and grow without having to over manipulate, which would slow hair growth.

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