Why Your Natural Hair Needs Moisture & Protein Balance

Without adequate balance of moisture and protein your natural hair will always result in breakage. Caused by products you maybe using, such as gels, harsh shampoos, styling tools as in flat irons, blow dryers and over exposure of your hair in the sun. You hair needs a balance of moisture and protein to repair your hair, else this may result in breakage.

How can we prevent the over use of protein?

Many of us are unaware of the ingredients we put into our hair. We do not understand the importance of taking the time to research the ingredients, so we are educated on what we are purchasing. Many of the products you use into your hair have proteins in them, so using 3 different products each day or each week with protein maybe too much for your hair. Take a look at your hair products' ingredients, you might see the word "hydrolyzed", "keratin", "collagen", "protein", that means the ingredient is protein. Having a gel you use daily in your hair that has protein, plus a moisturizer along with a leave-in conditioner, a deep conditioner that has protein is way too much.

protein and moisture balance in natural hair

How can we prevent the over use of moisture?

Keeping your hair in a wet state for far too long especially when deep conditioning. Some persons like myself tend to keep the deep conditioner in the hair for over 12 hours. I am truly guilty of that, doing this very often can definitely be bad for your hair strands.

Why do we need a balance of protein and moisture?

Protein and Moisture works together hand in hand. Both are equally important in our hair care regimen, without a balance of either will always end in hair breakage. Having a good balance of protein and moisture will help you to always have a healthy head of hair that grows easily.

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