Why Your Edges Aren't Growing!

If you didn't know your edges are considered one of the most fragile parts of your hair. The receive a lot of manipulation from styling and day to day activities. It is important to give your edges a break! If you realize that you lose your edges frequently now is the time to analyze everything that you do to your edges on a daily basis. This is where you start to eliminate the culprits that are causing you to lose your edges rapidly.

Get rid of Over Manipulation

I know a lot of persons love this style "sleeking your edges" but let's be honest, if you want to grow back your edges you have to be on board to give your edges a break! That means a few months without over manipulating your edges, because that's how long hair takes to grow. 

ABSOLUTELY NO TIGHT HAIR STYLES! No pulling of your edges whatsoever. No cornrows, no harsh detangling, no hair glues, no harsh products like gels, no tail combs to detangle. You are going to avoid doing anything to your edges for a while.

Treatments You Will Need To Do

Hot Oil Treatments have been know to provide healthy scalp, hair and increases healthy hair growth. It's done by applying the warm oils to your hair & steaming your hair with the Herb Infusion Hair Growth Oil Hot Oil Treatment .You can do this treatment every week or every other week to see results of your hair being tremendously improved in it's health and growth.

More Moisture!

A big reason why your edges isn't growing it's because they are far to dry! Along with the moisturizing treatments above you must have a weekly moisturizing routine for your hair. Eliminate the products with a ridiculous amount of harsh chemicals that dry your hair out, add more moisturizing products, use gentler products, add more natural products made with herbs.

  • Step 1- Apply warm water to your hair before applying your moisturizing sealant. Warm water opens up your hair cuticles so it can start receiving the product. 
  • Step 2- Seal all the moisture in using one of our popular hair growth butters the Clove Pumpkin and Rosemary Hair Growth Butter, the Rosemary Lavender Hair Growth Butter, the Fenugreek Green Tea Hair Growth ButterIts important to pair this butter with a gentle protective hair style for it to be effective. Sealing the moisture in helps to keep your hair moisturized longer! You can also use our Herbs Infusion Multipurpose Hot Oil Treatment for your scalp and hair. Refusing to moisturize your natural hair will slow your hair growth and cause a majority of problems. These problems can result in you never being able to grow or retain hair length. Our Oils & Butters are infused with natural herbs that can help to stimulate hair growth. The herbs are infused for weeks so the oils become rich and potent, so they can perform their best for your hair growth journey.
  • Step 3- A gentle protective hairstyle is MUST! Always use a satin scarf or bonnet so the moisture isn't lost from certain materials from your bed, pillows etc. The longer your hair retains moisture is the easier it allows our herbal hair growth butters to do their job.








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Hello I’ve been trying to grow my edges back since 2005 and haven’t had much luck I’m always trying different things but results have been tremendously slow

Raquel Deon

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong with my natural hair


My edges will grow and then then out I moisturizer weekly I use Jamaican oil sulfur 8 biotin shampoo weekly I’m so depressed of how they not growing n fast I cut my hair twice to grow together with my edges my hair is coming back but my edges come n slow


I will love to try your product to see if it works on my hair.

Kiaoro S Brown

I have been struggling with my 4c type hair and reading all this has given me hope please let me know how I can these products . I stay in South Africa …. Thank you


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