Why Your Natural Hair is Always Dry



Having dry natural hair all the time can be frustrating and difficult to manage. The root of the problem can be the products that you are using and the techniques you use to add moisture to your hair. The best products to add to your hair regimen are ones that have conditioning ingredients like our Honey Green Tea Moisturizer, Honey Green Tea Deep Conditioner and our Creamy Green Tea & African Black Soap Shampoo. Ingredients such as Honey, Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter, Mango Butter and Natural Oils can help to add moisture and seal moisture into your hair.

Technique to Fix Dry Natural Hair

Let's start off by adding new products to your natural hair regimen, our Hair Breakage, Hair Growth & Healthy Scalp Collection Infused in Green Tea would be perfect for you. Now before using our products it would be best to do a deep cleanse of your scalp and hair to get rid of any stubborn product build up and toxins. This step is necessary so your hair and scalp can absorb the products and their ingredients better, so they can perform at their best. You can do a deep cleanse and toxin removal by doing a bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar rinse. You can also do this by using our Raw Authentic African Black Soap as a clarifying shampoo but you must do an apple cider vinegar rinse afterwards to reset your scalp PH Balance to prevent itchy scalp or your scalp being irritated. 

Ok great! Now you are ready to start using our products to after you have done your scalp deep cleansing. After stripping your hair you must follow up with our Honey Green Tea Deep Conditioner with Extra HoneyThis deep conditioner will infuse an abundance of moisture into your hair strands on your first use. Getting rid of dry hair will start your hair growth journey. 

Next follow up by using our Honey Green Tea Moisturizer. When you are moisturizing your hair its best to start on damp hair. Damp hair helps to make the product distribute through your hair evenly and absorb in your hair better. Adding your moisturizer on extremely dry hair causes you to use more product and the product will have a hard time absorbing into your hair. But WARM water before adding your moisturizer will help fix your dry hair.

If your hair is extremely difficult to hold moisture, I would suggest using the technique LCO/LOC Method to moisturize your hair. LCO/LOC stands for Liquid, Cream & Oil. This technique is simply moisturizing your hair in layers. So first you add your Liquid which is warm water, then Cream which is our Honey Green Tea Moisturizer, last would be the Oil which would be our 5 Oil Fusion Hair Growth Oil. The last step is where the magic begins, because the oil helps to seal that moisture into your hair for a longer period of time. This technique can be done in any order of layers your hair prefers.

After moisturizing your hair try to do a protective style, this will help your hair also retain the moisture for days. Doing a protective style prevents you from touching your hair over and over again causing the moisture and products to gradually leave your hair. 

Click here  for a video on youtube that will show you exactly how this technique can be done 

Video on how to fix dry hair 

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