How To Grow Your Edges Using Herbs Infused In Oils


grow edgesA powerful and effective way to grow your edges and your entire hair is by using the natural herbs God created for us to use, to heal our bodies inside and out. Herbs are plants found in nature that have different healing benefits for our bodies. A lot of persons have shared the results  they have received by continuous use of these herbs infused in oils including myself.

I have done my research and found 5 powerful herbs that can be used to stimulate healthy hair growth. 

Stinging Nettle Leaves are rich in silica and sulfur that act as an effective DHT Blocker that may help to prevent hair loss and aids in hair re-growth. 

Burdock Root may heal seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. It acts an an antibacterial remedy to heal your scalp and start to encourage healthy hair growth.

Neem Herb has regenerative properties that helps to reduce hair loss. It also has antibacterial properties that helps to promote healthier scalp. Its great for persons troubled with scalp psoriasis and eczema.

Rosemary Leaves aids in blood circulation to the scalp, it may prevent hair follicles to be replenished with blood supply in turn preventing hair loss. It also has antibacterial properties to clean the scalp so it becomes healthier, relieves irritated, dry flaky or dandruff scalp. 

Calendula Herb also has regenerative properties to aid in hair growth. It hydrates dry scalps, remove dandruff, and improve the condition of the scalp. 

herbs infusion hair growth oil

I have taken these 5 herbs and richly infused them into hair growth oils for weeks, this is called the Herbs Infusion Hair Growth Oil. These herbs are so rich and powerful that I created a Herbs Infused Hair Growth Butter using the same herbs infusion oils that have been richly infused for weeks. I combined this mixture with Kokom Butter and Shea Butter along with eucalyptus oil. These two products can be applied to your edges to seal in the moisture into your edges and overall hair to increase hair growth. 

You can use this Herb Infusion Hair Growth Oil to massage your scalp daily or whenever needed. Massaging your scalp with the herbs infusion hair growth oil can help to stimulate healthy hair growth. Another effective technique that I have seen crazy hair growth and where the health of my hair has improved is by doing HOT OIL TREATMENTS. You can do this treatment every week or every other week to see results of your hair being tremendously improved in it's health.

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