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Moisture Hair Growth Regimen

Moisture Hair Growth Regimen

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Create a consistent "Moisture Hair Growth Regimen" to help you grow and retain healthy hair length rather than lose it! Retain more moisture and you will be able to retain more hair length. Pair this bundle with protective styles and consistent use.

 Our Green Tea & Calendula Herb Moisturizing Shampoo cleans your hair without stripping. With our Green Tea as our main ingredient it helps to soothe itchy scalp, decreases shedding and helps to bring forth healthier hair. 9oz

Our Honey Green Deep Conditioner is perfect in increasing the overall health of your natural hair by infusing moisture and strength, together. 12oz

Our Herbs Infusion Hot Oil Treatment is the perfect gentle blend scalp and hair treatment. Best used to GROW & RETAIN HEALTHY HAIR LENGTH by doing hot Oil treatments, detangling, prepoos, moisture sealant, scalp Massages, daily use, protective style removal. 8oz

Our Honey Green Tea Moisturizer is ideal in making your dry hair softer and more moisturized. If you are in the market for a product that gives moisture and enhances curl definition this moisturizer would be perfect for you. The HGTM also prevents breakage, decreases single strand knots & split ends. 12oz

Our Soften Your Tangles Leave-In Conditioner is super light in texture. It is infused in Green Tea, Neem Herb and Fenugreek Herb. This product was handmade to give your hair extra moisture and literally able to soften your tangles right away. 12oz

Our Clove Pumpkin Rosemary Hair Growth Butter OR Herbs Infused Hair Growth Butter  or Fenugreek & Green Tea Hair Growth Butter infused in natural herbs to help you grow and retain hair length easier. These butters should be used to seal in the moisture into your hair, to prevent dry hair. They melt into your hair strands to leave your hair softer and more moisturized8oz

For all hair porosity



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