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Stinging Nettle Herb for Hair Growth

Stinging Nettle Herb for Hair Growth

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Stinging Nettle Leaves are rich in silica and sulfur that act as an effective DHT Blocker that may help to prevent hair loss and aids in hair regrowth. 

Ways to use Stinging Nettle Herb for healthy hair growth:

Refresher Spray/ Stinging Nettle Water

Stinging Nettle Hair Growth Oil

Mix into Deep Conditioner and Moisturizer

DIY Stinging Nettle Herb Hair Products

Stinging Nettle Hair Growth Butters

This Stinging Nettle is not being sold for consumption. Do not consume! 


Dried Calendula Herb

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This product contains only raw herbs, this product should not be consumed. 

The products of June Rose Kurls are made with natural herbs. Please ensure you are not allergic to any ingredients in each product before using or purchasing.

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